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"Quiet Lake" - Natural Frame, 60" x 40"

60”w x 40”h and framed in oak. Limited edition print.
In stock

Commercial photographer based in North Carolina, known for interior landscapes and powerful people images, shot both on location and in studio. Has spent more than 30 years mastering the technical components of shooting, but happiest when veering off course to create a modern, soulful version of classic (or not so classic) subject matter-often from helicopter, surfboard, motorbike and the occasional skateboard. A creative force with rich and diverse portfolio resulting from an appreciation for detail-driven styled interior shoots for giants in the home interiors industry, as well as a passion for the unstructured natural world. His ability to soften the modern with old-school perspective comes from a life-long love affair with the camera and its ability to capture an emotion in time.


Available in additional sizes and frame options.  Please contact [email protected] for details

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