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The Thoughtful Entertainer

A beautiful collection of kitchen products for the thoughtful entertainer or connoisseur of a well curated kitchen counter.
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Gathering Book

Gathering showcases creative tabletop ideas and styles for all seasons. These stylish interiors feature local, artisanal floral designs and handmade objects, capturing the current trend of living and decorating more mindfully and with one-of-a-kind objects.

Rumi Olive Oil

Rumi Olive Oil offers the most complex flavor in Canaan’s lineup that is sure to excite the palate. A fresh fruity start transcends to tangy, then hints of bitter, and a lingering spicy, peppery finish. This robust olive oil is perfect for dipping fresh bread or enhancing flavor when cooking your favorite dish.

Sonoma Salt

Crisp, pure, and mellow salt harvested via solar evaporation off the Sonoma Coast. 

White Glaze & Red Clay Salt Cellar

A beautiful, functional pinch bowl for salt or dipping your favorite bread in olive oil. 

Olivewood Crescent Serving Set

Ethically made from olive trees that no longer bear fruit.

Fog Linen Striped Kitchen Towel

Natural Linen with a thin black stripe.  Made in Japan. 


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