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Riviera Washcloth, Mica

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The Riviera towel collection has the ideal balance of softness and absorbency. We weave Riviera in Brazil using the finest Brazilian cotton on the market. Towels have two warps; one for the ground and one for the pile, or loop. We use a special 2-ply yarn in the pile which makes these towels both highly absorbent and highly durable. Weighing 645 grams per square meter, this towel is absorbent yet still light enough for easy transport.


Wash should be separated into light & dark colors. Do not overload machine as this will damage long cotton fibers. We recommend a lukewarm wash cycle with a gentle detergent & a cool rinse.

Bleach may be used on white towels only. Avoid using products that contain whitening agents such as chlorine bleach, alpha hydroxy acids and benzoyl peroxide on garment-dyed items. The reactive dyes used for garment-dyeing are not resistant to these whitening agents.

100% natural cotton

Washcloth (12x13 inches)
Hand Towel (39 x13 inches)
Bath Towel (63x30 inches)

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