The newest version of our best selling gift box, the kitchen essentials is just that, a collection of our favorite items to adorn any kitchen.  A thoughtful hostess gift or welcome for a new home.  

Kitchen Essentials

  • ILA Extra Virgin Olive Oil Large 15 oz.

    In a 100-year old mill situated among the ancient groves of Andalusia, olives are hand-picked and pressed on the same day to ensure the utmost flavor and freshness. The cold, bright winters and hot, dry summers of the Southern Spanish region of Cordoba create prime conditions for producing olives of exceptional quality and a richer, smoother olive oil with a more golden hue than its Italian counterpart.

    ILA Sonoma Sea Salt 35 oz.

    Our Sonoma Sea Salt is naturally harvested by solar evaporation from the clean waters of the Pacific Ocean. The ritual of its harvest dates back to the earliest inhabitants of the area, the Kashaya, which when translated means ‘the people from the top of the land’, who descended to the Pacific coastline each summer to gather food—and crucial ingredients—from the sea. Crisp, pure, and mellow in taste, the small crystals are free of additives.

    White Glaze & Red Clay Salt Cellar

    Ebony and Brass Cheese Knife Set