Thomas Keller + Armando Manni have created an exquisite chocolate bar. The addition of Armando Manni's organic extravirgin olive oil in place of cocoa butter finishes the chocolate with a silken texture while boosting antioxidant levels.


Dark - Ecuador

Flavors of ripe mango combine with those of spice and sweet nectar. It exhibits low acidity and offers secondary notes of wood and earth, delivered with a smooth-satin mouth feel.

Tasting notes: mango, spice, earthy, satin.


Dark - Nicaragua

Savory coffee flavors intertwine with malt, black currant and floral elements. It makes a bold statement on the palate with a long, complex finish.

Tasting notes: coffee, malt, robust, lingering.


Dark - Peru

Floral hints of orange blossom and quince mingle with vibrant grassy notes. It exhibits well balanced and complex flavors, a smooth and velvety texture, and a soft, cleansing finish.

Tasting notes: orange blossom, quince, complex, velvety.




Keller Manni Dark Chocolate Bar-2.5 oz

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