Our very first mini box!  We love this collection of our very favorite candle, handsoap and hand cream in the lighter fragrance selections. Kitchen or bathroom appropriate and a lovely gift.  

Countertop Essentials- Light Edition

  • Maison Louie Marie La Thémis Candle

    This fragrance begins with a fresh green leaf accord with a eucalyptus character and quickly changes to a dominant spearmint main theme. The spearmint character is supported by a wintergreen note. Then the fragrance dries down to a sweet Tonka bean accord.


    Compagnie De Provence

    Crafted in a cauldron following authentic tradition as its ancestor the original Marseille cube soap, this liquid soap is made from vegetable oil of coconut. Naturally glycerined, it is free of colouring agents, animal fats or synthetic surfactants. A citrus fragrance created in Grasse, with notes of white tea. 16.9 oz.


    Compagnie De Provence Hand Cream

    Enriched with honey and vegtables oils from Provence, this ultra-smooth cream hydrates, soothes and helps to protect the skin from external aggressions to leave the hands wrapped in softness and comfort.


    Floral, delicate and powdery fragrance evoking all the softness and comfort of cotton, created in Grasse.

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