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New Southern Style Hardcover

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The American South is a place steeped in conviction and tradition. We think of sweet tea, thick drawls, and even thicker summer air. It is also a place with a fraught history, complicated social norms, and dated perspectives. Yet among the makers and artists of the South, there is a powerful movement afoot. Author and celebrated photographer Alyssa Rosenheck shines a much-needed spotlight on a burgeoning community of people, who have both old and new ties to the South, and who are taking what’s beloved, inherent, and honored in the culture and making it their own.

Touring more than thirty interiors, the book includes striking photography and interviews with the designers, artists, celebrity chefs, authors, and creative entrepreneurs who are reinventing Southern culture, including Shea McGee, Alex Elle, Bobby Berk, Erin Napier, Kimberly Lewis, Leanne Ford, Holly Williams, Maneet Chauhan, Gray Malin, Clea Shearer, Joy Wilson, Elsie Larson, Ruthie Lindsey and many more.

Rosenheck also shares her accessible tips for styling and soulful thoughts for living a creative life, so that you can create your own New Southern home and lifestyle. A celebration of creativity and community. The New Southern Style is sure to inspire the home and soul, no matter where you live.

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