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Kontex Lattice Linen Hand Towel - Ivory

The unique waffle-like texture of our 100% cotton towels provide exceptional softness and absorbency.
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The Kontex Cotton Lattice Towel is made from 100% natural cotton and has a unique texture which is waffle-like and makes it exceptionally soft. This lattice towel undergoes a final completion stage where the towel is “garment washed” which softens the finished product to help the fibres of the towel relax or bloom. This process results in a towel which is not only soft but also very lightweight, very moisture absorbent and dries fast when wet.

Quality crafted in Imabari, Japan since 1934.

Soft and gentle on skin
Waffle like texture for increased softness
Lightweight with high-absorbency
Crafted using traditional weaving machines
"Garment Washed" process enhances softness

Machine wash with cold water and mild detergent
No bleach or fabric softeners
Hang or tumble dry low

100% natural cotton

Washcloth (14 x 14 inches)
Hand Towel (14 x 33.5 inches)
XL Bath Towel (31.5 x 55 inches) 

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