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Kashmir Candle - 8oz.

Inspired by the magical moments that traveling brings to our lives, the creation of these made by hand candles and mouth-blown glassware are imagined and fabricated in the USA.
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Inspired by the sexy Led Zeppelin riff, Kashmir is a fragrant unisex blend of ethically harvested sandlewood oil, white incense and dry woody amber oil.  Gunpowder and saffron tea notes anchor creamy, soft orientalist spices.  Drops of magnolia flower, vanillin and musk rest in the base to create a powdery haze.

8 oz. of phthalate-free, black tinted soy wax extracted from vegetable oils and a cotton wicking

Up to 50 hours of burn time

The mouth-blown grey glass is to be repurposed. Tested to be drink-safe. Dishwasher safe

Inky black when lit, a light grey crystallization or texture may appear on the unlit candle surface. This is considered a unique part of working with natural colorants.

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