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Clarisse Candle - Baron 12 oz.

Peppermint and Eucalyptus
In stock

The American West has a rich history of powerful and influential figures known as "barons". These wealthy individuals played a significant role in shaping the economy and culture of the region. They were known for their luxurious lifestyles, extravagant estates, and their contributions to philanthropy and the arts. Today, the legacy of the Western barons lives on, inspiring a sense of awe and admiration for their ambition and perseverance. Our Baron Candle captures the essence of this influential era, with a buzz of peppermint and soothing eucalyptus that transcends you into bliss with every encounter.


48 hour burn time
12oz soy wax candle 
Natural fragrance oils
Comes in two-piece candle box 
Poured in Big Sky, Montana

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